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Small Fireworks


Apart from baroque fireworks and large firework displays, we also produce and sell small fireworks of Class I and II. For selling those articles and to stick out among other companies, we have developed a whole new product line.

We have the following articles in our program:

  • crackers and whistling articles
  • rocket assortments
  • Family assortments
  • gift boxes
  • lightning fireworks
  • set pieces like wheels, torches, sparklers, etc.

Further more, our articles have the following features:

  • all articles with EAN Code
  • Original Satanskracher extra loud (very loud pirate crackers)
  • all articles with bigger filling
  • permanent quality controls
  • customer friendly packing
  • free advertisement material
  • many new innovations
  • selling display help by obtaining the selling license (only in Austria)
  • special product line
  • fair prices
  • large display room in Mondsee, Austria
  • 25 years of experience


One speciality from our wide product range is the "Ghost series" by small fireworks. Very strange and funny creatures decorate the headers of each product.Creatures like Killmoulis, Cluricauns, Oberons, Pans, Foletties make the people laugh (most likely the kids). Moreover, a small description of the strange thing is printed on the backside of the article. Beneath, you can see an example of a Killmouli (the following is only a translation):


Killmoulis are a very ugly brownies, who haunt old mills. Typical fur such creatures is the very large nose and, what is very especially for Killmoulis, they have no mouth! Thus, it is possible for them to take the meals and lunches through the nose. Although, Killmoulis are working very hard for the miller, they often play very bad jokes on him and are more destroying than helpful for him. The ugly colour of their nose was caused (most likely, who knows) by costing very hot sparkling firework fountains.



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