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In addition to normal service, we provide a very broad range of special services for our local customers.


Following services are offered additionally:

  • Registration by local Authorities and Execution of the required ways to local authorities. Of course, costs and additional charges are paid by us. For normal, our customers do not need to care of anything. Other very special expenditures, like fire brigade supervision, etc. must be paid by the organizer.
  • Austrian customers get deliveries within 12 hours, for our foreign customers, special delivery arrangements must be made.
  • For customers of Small Fireworks, who have a long business relation with Pyrotechnik Schickl, we can offer the possibility of returning non sold articles.
  • Presentation Room: In Mondsee, Austria, we have a special Presentation Room for our customers, which could be visited with a telephonic advance notification.
  • Advertisement material: For our customers of Small fireworks, we can provide various advertisement articles for free.



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