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DayLight Fireworks


The difference between a normal firework, people know, is, that this special kind of firework is fired up in broad daylight, but with smoking bombs and parachutes. We can also launch bombs with special motifs like harlequins, soccer players, flag chains, and many more, which are special made for such events.


Motif Bombs

You can have this bombs in the calibers 100 to 300mm. These bombs draw various effects in the sky. Following effects are available: Heart, Heart in Heart, Saturn, Satellite, Mercedes Star, VW Logo, Ring, Double Ring, Triple Ring, Smiley, Spiral, Quadrangles, Octagons, Spinning Ring, Balloon, rising Balloon, Cat Face, Montgolfiere, Burning candle, Wedding Rings, bombs with calibers 50, 60, 70, 80, and many more.



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