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Peter Schickl, born on 12.12.1954, is the youngest member of a very old gunsmith dynasty, which was mentioned in 1695 (documentary) for the first time.

"Pyrotechnik P. Schickl" organizes about 220 fireworks per year in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Europe, China, Middle East and in Overseas.

Our specialities are fireworks with synchronous music and Laser, but above all, pure baroque fireworks according to ancients examples.

Because of own manufacturing, it is possible for us to create always new and never seen special effects. Till now, we applied for 5 patents and 32 sample protections. The main residence is in Mondsee (Salzkammergut - Austria), but we also have residences in Wiesbaden - Germany, in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and China. All firework displays are unique events, so, no firework will ever be the same.

At this time, we have about 1.500 different effects in stock. So, you see, we can draw on plentiful resources.



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