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Baroque Fireworks


Peter Schickl has developed with his team of artists an own baroque language, according to ancient samples. With this language, we create flyers for reproduced old fireworks like the Coronation of King Friedrich I 1708 in Berlin (Germany), Christening of Princess Elisabeth of Hessen 1596 in Kassel (Germany), Visitation of Emperor Karl V. in Nürnberg (Germany), Inauguration of the new Town Hall in Zurich 1699, and many others more. Later on, these flyers are handed out to the audience, where people can read the whole sequence of the firework display. Moreover, people can also guess the different effects by reading the flyers

In the following, you can see some covers of such a flyer. Unfortunately, the text of the flyers is written in German (otherwise, it would make no sense).


Hannover 1994 - Example, taken from "Feuerwerksnacht zu Herrenhausen - Hannover"



The main purpose of an old baroque firework is: to be quiet and entertaining for the public. So, many funny extras are embedded into the display show. Therefore, we always create new and never seen stage effects, like dragons, castles, various boats, frightening ghosts, dwarfs, giants, and many more. Later on, we shoot a lot of different fireworks out of these sculptures. Many other stories are told by such baroque fireworks to inspire the imagination of the public. Moreover, complicated fire figures are created with moving and twisting parts.


For Lake festivals, anniversaries, weddings, Sylvester, local festivals, Parties, Vine celebrities, company openings, receptions, etc., we can arrange Special Programs tailored to customers needs.




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