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Display firework


Other than that mentioned baroque firework, which is only a special form of fireworks, we specialize in display fireworks. Only specially qualified and trained workers can fire up such fireworks.

For fireworks of such an category, of course, we shoot fireworks, which are very different in size and effect to the "normal" fireworks, people can buy in stores. Therefore, own classes exist in the law of Austria, so called Class III and IV. Of course, other countries have the same categories, but perhaps with other denotations. Such pieces have weights up to 48 kg and a caliber up to 600mm.

For firing up such fireworks, special made tubes and mortars are used, which have to resist the great pressure and which have to meet high European security standards.

When we arrange very large fireworks, the whole display is fired up electronically with an ignition device and with the help of a computer. So, we can guaranty a very exact timed firing sequence by fireworks with background music. Moreover, it is possible to start fireworks in a split second.

Another thing to mention is, that we arrange everything, from the registration of the firework by the officials to the firework itself.

At the present, we have about 1.500 different effects in stock. So, we can draw on plentiful resources for composing a very beautiful and large fireworks display. For satisfying the different and various wishes of our customers, we manufacture many effects ourselves to provide a broad range of products.

Furthermore, we sell many "Complete Fireworks", which are extra put together for various events. We also have programs for firework events at lakes, weddings, Sylvester Events, company openings, festivals, celebrations, etc.




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